★★★★★ Kill Your Bounce Rate with Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin ★★★★★

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Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin


Imagine this: your website is set up, you have tweaked your sales funnel, and your landing page is ready for maximum conversions. All you need now is to unlock traffic and make money online.
What is it that could go wrong …?


The bounce rate is when visitors land on your website just to immediately click the back button on their browser. This is usually the most devastating traffic loss of a website!
According to recent studies, the average rebound rate of websites is between 50% and 70%!

This represents potentially 50% to 70% of your profits!

ZERO BOUNCE WordPress Plugin

Introduced by Force Spark, ZERO BOUNCE is a true plug-in to reduce the next-generation bounce rate for the WordPress website platform.

By allowing you to redirect your visitors to any URL of your choice when they click the Back button,
this allows you to virtually eliminate your bounce rate and turn the "lost" traffic into profit!

Website without plug-in ZERO BOUNCE WP:


Website with ZERO BOUNCE WP Plugin:


The list of all the features and the video demonstration are available on the product website:

ZERO BOUNCE is easy to use and suitable for beginners!
Get settled and kill your bounce rate in less than a minute!

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Plugin options:

Manual on / off switch
This plugin comes with an easy on / off switch. This gives you complete control when using this plug-in and saves you from uninstalling it if you want to disable it temporarily.

Easy to use URL redirection
Do not waste money because people are pushing the back button! Reorient your "lost" traffic to any URL and increase conversions and revenue with ease!

Dynamic redirection rotation
ZERO BOUNCE allows you to automatically rotate multiple redirect URLs. This is exceptional for split testing, allowing you to always get the highest possible conversion rates!

Selective redirection
You only want to redirect visitors from certain sites? Thanks to ZERO BOUNCE's advanced "string" technology, you can configure it to redirect only visitors from the sites you specify!

Automatic deactivation programmed
In some cases, you may want ZERO BOUNCE to disable and not redirect visitors who stay on your page longer than expected, for example with longer sales letters, landing pages, and so on. With the auto disable feature you can set ZERO BOUNCE to not redirect visitors who have been on your page for a while!

Toggle Mobile / Desktop
Do you want to only redirect desktop users? No problem! You only want to redirect mobile users? Again, no problem! ZERO BOUNCE lets you choose to redirect only desktops or mobile users if you want to improve demographic targeting!

UPDATE – Version 1.1

In this version, there are several new features:

Redirect only X percent of visitors.

As soon as the mouse leaves the browser window, the visitor is redirected.

Redirect the visitor once.

In each message and page of wp-admin (bottom) is a new option – "Enable force" – If enabled, the visitor will be redirected, even if Zero Bounce is disabled in the settings.

The overall performance is improved and the infinite loop is corrected.

Here are some comments: