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On Sep 16 i decided to give it a shot and made a 7.98$ deposit to Plan 1 (1.28 % hourly for 88 h), im waiting until my contract expires to make a withdraw. Now lets think about some stuff. 1 st This website has tons of good ratings on almost every ranking site out there, but when u start to read those comments they are all a bit suspicious, like bots or fake. 2 nd Those plans that Bitcointribution give are not like other scam sites who offers something like *Deposit 1 satoshi and recieve in the next 24 hours 1 BTC!!!* if you do the maths in 3 days and 6 hours with the minnimun deposit (8$) you will get back 8.6$, in my opinion it doesn’t seems unreachable as the example of the scam site. 3 th For me this site doesn’t give bad vibes ’cause if anybody who got scammed in the past, would have writen down some review filled with anger or to warn other people on at least one ranking site, and for all the research i made until now i haven’t found a single one who says that got scammed.

Maybe i’ll be in the future that one person who write down that bad review full of anger :mad: or maybe not :D !!! i will wait and upload my results with Bitcointribution and of course the withdrawing proof.

Hope this help you in some way

bitcointribution deposit.jpg