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As I can see now that Lutex still paying over all monitors.

Start: Jan 27, 2021 (works for 70 days)

Your post has few confusions. Firstly, Premiumkoins.com was the one that’s scamming in this review. Secondly, this account doesn’t seem to present Lutex but a typical Telegram scam/fake account that tries to scam people. As far as I know that Lutex doesn’t have an official Telegram account. How about communicate with them directly from their main site? Whenever I see someone from xx project to contact with me directly, and ask “are you investing with xx project”, I always block directly.

Thirdly, I normally do not check Trustpilot for hyip project status, because there’re full of spammers:
Example as follows: this post is made from a promoter of “Arbix.is”, I don’t believe that this person has made any investment with Lutex. These projects coming from this kind of spamming, but not on any monitors, normally they’re the real scammers. Dangerous Ponzi, asking you to pay to withdraw.


Fourth, when I searched Lutex on Trustpilot, I do not see any of the bad review same in your post. So now your post seems to be suspicious.

@BMF how do you view this? I’m not admin or support of this project, I just like to point out weird things. While writing at the moment, this project is on paying status over 10 trusted monitors, and I have not heard of any similar complains all over hyip telegram groups. Unless they are communicating with a scam telegram account.