❓ASK – Best way to go about advertising on a Youtube channel and Instagram accounts? | NewProxyLists

I have a good following on all platforms right now, roughly 8,000 starting 5 months ago.

Now im looking to monetize this traffic, especially since it’s mostly United States, which usually pays one of the highest.

So my first idea was instagram shoutouts, If i were to go this route, is $1 per 1,000 followers asking to much? ( of course that’ll also entail engagement and location and all that )
So if an account had 10,000 followers with average 1,200-1,500 likes is $10 fair for that 24 hour post.

next for instagram, I wanted to create a blogspot, post couple google ads on it, and then post amazon products related to the niche of the instagram, for example if it was a baseball instagram, i would have a blogspot about 10 best baseball gear to buy, then find 10 really high reviewed baseball products on amazon and post the affilation link on the site. Has anyone ever tried this?

then once the accounts have 60,000-120,000 followers create t shirt designs and hope to generate 10,000 in sale a year, is 10% coversion rate over long peroid of advertising insane to hear? or is it possible if the crowd was that wide.

for youtube, while creating help videos, i wanted to create a url shrinker to the help websites, for example if it was a car repair video, maybe a url redirect to the manual for the repair in the description etc.
I saw on adf*y (dont wanna say full name since might be advertising) that CPM for US was about $16/1,000 and knowing 70-80% of viewers are located in US or Canada, that sounds really good if a video somehow hits a million or more. But looking on payout proofs, it seems people are getting like $20 for 10,000 page views not $160 lol, is there some type of scam or not counting traffic this site does? is there any betters, what has worked for you guys?

also on youtube i plan to leave affilate links like join doordash here, and you make like $100 referral off a person joining and doing x amount of task.
same with join Apple card w/rewards and make $50 when they sign up just as an example but have mutiple networks i use and shoutout during my videos.

once big enough also start amazon product reviews of cool things etc. then leave links of what im reviewing.

then once t-shirt sales generate, google ads, amazon affilate, youtube ads, url shortner, referral sites, shoutouts

to split that money into investments such as crypto, stock, IRA, Gold
and the rest into an amazon FBA program where amazon sells products you make to their customers.

I’m 19 years old and hoping someone has been doing similar methods as me to help guide me on the best partners and networks to be using. Thank you so much for your time!