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Do what Warren Buffett does:

1. Buys stocks that aligns with you – with your knowledge, with your values, because you will hold them long – you will take care of them.
2. If the stock you love falls in rock bottom value – buy a lot. If it falls more, but a lot more. Majority of stock buyers abandons ships for a loss but Warren Buffett does the opposite. That is why is the world’s richest investor. He is against the norm.
3. In addition to the above – make sure to buy stocks whose CEO’s have a B.A.G. (Big Audacious Goals). Sure, they may sound like bragging people (Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, etc) – that means they have big dreams and a lot of people are put off by this. But look at them now.

How to find out those 3? Read, read, read. Warren Buffett is known to read a 500-page document in a day most days if not everyday. That is why if you searched around – NO investment firm/s can even come close to him.

In 2008, he even bet $1M and issued a challenge to hedge funds that his investment choice of the S&P500 would outperform any hand-picked portfolio for the next 10 years. Only one took his challenge (Protégé Partners LLC) and they lost.

I know a guy who followed WB’s rules in investing religiously and is a millionaire.