❕NEWS – Grayscale investments hold half a million bitcoin! | NewProxyLists

As we all know, the market supply and the amount of bitcoin is increasing every day with new mining activities and new bitcoin being added to the blockchain. The company Grayscale investments hold a half a million bitcoin, which equates to roughly 8.3 billion dollars. This is a huge investment and a huge profit as well if you look at the increase in bitcoin value that we have seen lately.

According to a recent article that was posted online, this amount of bitcoin is equal to around 2.69% of the bitcoin that is remaining to go in circulation. However, there are some bitcoins that are in wallets that have been forgotten about and those that are in sites that have closed down or that have had a problem in blockchain and have been lost, and so if we account for the fact that close to 3.7 million bitcoin have been lost already, Grayscale now holds close to 3.37% of the remaining bitcoin supply.

This is an incredible amount of bitcoin and definitely a game changer in the future profits and prices of bitcoin if we consider this company as a major whale that could impact the market greatly. What do you guys think?