❕NEWS – Which coin is growing fast? | NewProxyLists

From my list of coins on my portfolio I had big increases in the following coins form just the past few months

NANO – I have an app where you can earn nano I’ve since been using it since last year and I have 1 nano earnings back then was fast as nano price is really low, my less than a dollar nano a year ago is now at 9$
STORMX – It has a dedicated app and I earned from it just by watching ads ( They’ve since removed ads earning months ago ) now you can only earn from offerwalls, my balance of aroung 1-3$ last 2 years ago now sits at around 165$ now
HORA – It has a dedicated app where you play a mining simulator game and you get rewarded hora token each season depending on your position in the leader board
XYO – seems like a good coin to invest too as it has a dedicated app too
PHT – also pht was basically a crypto mobile currency and has dedicated game apps that you can earn pht from