18.04 – Which YouTube bookmark has been installed in the Applications menu and how can I delete it?

Launch Xubuntu 18.04 and use Cairo-Dock. When unlocking my desktop, a message stating that YouTube had been installed. I do not have the exact text of the message because I deleted it before saving the full text.

By clicking on the Applications menu, I can not find a YouTube application anywhere. If I type "YouTube" in the search field of the Applications menu, I can find it. Its execution opens the site www.youtube.com in Google Chrome. I've installed Google Chrome, but it's not my default browser, Firefox is.

I'm pretty sure the bookmark is linked to Google Chrome, but I can not find it anywhere. I do not use Google Chrome as the default browser and I have no favorites. The history is also completely erased and I have never visited YouTube with Google Chrome (apart from trying the shortcut and then clearing the history).

I thought maybe Google Chrome had done some kind of automatic update and added the favorite. But my Google Chrome is not set up for an automatic update and the current version is not the last one (therefore, I do not think it happened). The binary timestamp on google-chrome confirms that it has not been updated.

Note that the basic xfce application launcher does not include a YouTube link in the menu or search results. Only the Cairo-Dock is one.

The things I want to understand are:

  • What has YouTube Favorites installed?
  • How can I delete them?
  • Does Cairo-Dock have some kind of advanced search that asks programs to provide their own search results, and if so, can I disable it?
  • Even if there is a link, why does not it respect the system default browser?