1U Colocation in Data Centers with Telia IP Transit?

Basically, I envision many areas for the test phase of an anycast project, and there are so many data centers with Telia IP Transit, I thought I would ask the question here and I hope somebody One might mention a vendor that I may miss. Telia, of course, has a list of all its data centers (which I have), but these are for the entire data center and do not really tell you which company just offers a 1U.

My needs are quite simple:

The cities that interest me are:

1. Dallas
2. Atlanta
3. San Jose
4. Los Angeles
5. NJ / NYC
6. Chicago
7. Ashburn
8. Seattle
9. Portland
10. Salt Lake City
11. Sydney
12. London
13. Frankfurt
14. Tokyo
15. Hong Kong
… and frankly any city in a useful region

What I need

1. 1U, shallow depth
2. A + B power supply, low power consumption (single processor E3 server, low utilization)
3. I need to run an x-connect connection to Telia for IP transit (I will pay directly for x connection and Telia service)
4. IPMI access
5. I want to ship a 1U computer with remote support, I do not need physical access.

I do not have any particular price in mind, I just want a fair market price for this city. I need several places.

I do not see a sub-forum "Colo Hosting Requests", otherwise I would have put it there. I do not mind if people send me a message with offers.

No suggestion?

In addition, to be clear, it must be really Telia. I do not try to advertise them and I am certainly not associated with this company, but for my anycast needs, I have to keep it for the moment from their ASN.