% 20 CPM higher than what you had now for Popunder FIXED CPM | NewProxyLists

Yes, I will help you get this offer [ i m not account manager or something . ]

you will send statistics for the last 30 days of your current network
they will offer you 20% more than them and a fixed CPM for any country

For example, your average CPM is $ 2 for the last 30 days .. you will get $ 2.4 [%100 fill rate]
there is no need for payment. the offer of the largest and oldest company. Currently, they pay net 15 or net 30, but with this offer you will also receive a payment every two weeks
if you have high traffic, you can also get a weekly payment

If you wish, you can send me a message with your website name, your Skype address or another method of contact.

Adult sites are also welcome [ Need register under non adult domain an duse this tag in adult domain]

I've tried the whole network .. now I use them

here is the result: my CPM is like double and even my statistics are 3 times higher than those of all the old networks
I was doing x $ every day with pops, ads, or some other network

now I'm doing $ 3x a day with them