2013 – Employee Training Tracker

I am using SharePoint 2013, I have the following 2 lists, noted below.

I need to copy the names of the 10 courses in the Course List over to the Main List and associate a new user’s profile name (Person or Group) to each of the 10 courses. Once notified the user will complete the required course, upload their certificates and enter the Start and Expiry date in the Main List.

I will need to repeat the same process for each additional new user. I’ll be also using the list to track the individual/overall status of who has/has not completed the required courses.

  1. Main List: (contains the record of all users and the courses they’ve completed)

    • Profile Name: Person or Group
    • Course Name: Lookup (Course List)
    • Start date: Date and Time
    • Expiry Date: Date and Time
    • Attachments: Users upload their course certificate
  2. Course List: (contains the name of the courses ( currently 10 courses) that the users must complete)

    • Course Name: Single line of text
    • Description: Single line of text
    • Frequency: Choice

Any help will be greatly appreciated.