2016 – Can not find MissingFeature to remove it from a content database

We try to clean our content databases to eliminate errors such as MissingFeature. However, we can not find these mission features using normal means, nor any article that I have yet found.

An example is

Category: MissingFeature
Error: True
UpgradeBlocking: False
Message: database [WSS_Content_DB1] reference (s) to a missing feature: Id =
Remedy: Characteristic (Id = [2510d73f-7109-4ccc-8a1c-314894deeb3a]) is referenced in the database [WSS_Content_DB1],
but is not installed on the current farm. The missing feature may result in the failure of the upgrade. Yes
If necessary, install a solution containing the feature and restart the upgrade.

However, the only place where I can find a reference to this identifier is in the database FeatureTracking table.

I can delete these entries directly from this table and the errors disappear.

Is there a supported method for removing these references in order to remove these errors from a Test-SPContentDatabase test?