2016 – Users can no longer save changes to files in SharePoint

Please forgive, new in this section and trying to resolve an issue, as an admin with limited access.

  1. User can view a list of documents on a site.
  2. User can open MS document
  3. User can edit MS document
  4. User saves document, but changes are not being saved

Reviewed all the groups that the user has permissions for site access, and the system should behave so that the user receives the most highest permission.

Contribute, Limited Access is appearing.

Attempt was made to disable the property Limited Access but admin permission enabled for my user would not permit it. MS SharePoint Site Collection Features. Viewing the Site Administration Collection is not available.

I feel that this is the culprit. Is that correct?

Searched for how to review Audit Logs to determine how the system was affected, but I do not have access to the Audit Logs, which is under Site Administration Collection. This system is powerful but can be a nightmare if too many hands are in the pot.