2017 MacBook Pro Channel Connection with DisplayPort

I have a 13 "MacBook Pro 2017 (with two USB-C ports) with Mojave and I want to use it to chain-connect a screen to two external monitors via DisplayPort.

Unfortunately, it seems that although the hardware supports it, MacOS does not support multi-stream transport: both monitors in the chain reflect their display without the possibility of extension.

Is there a third-party driver or other software available for this to work as expected in MacOS? If not, what would be the best alternative solution to make it work? Ideally, I would like to avoid buying a separate dock at £ 200 to be able to use multiple monitors while powering the MacBook.

The monitors in question are Dell U2515h though this may help – they support chain chaining via DisplayPort 1.2, though, ideally, I would also like to be able to use another channel.