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Power cable systems

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We are in 2017 and this program is in full swing with the new compensation plan.

We also have a cooperative with my group. So, if you are tired of skipping program after program and you really want to make money, that 's all for you.

In addition to the PLS training on Wednesday and Thursday, our group has its own Facebook page with additional tools, and is a MUST to participate.
Our files section contains videos and we organize outings every Sunday night at 8 pm Eastern Time.

So, do not hesitate, or ask me after your registration or your membership.

You will have my phone number and contact information, as well as my facebook page to contact me.
I am here to help each of you succeed one by one beercheers.gif

Get the info by clicking HERE

See the compensation plan below.
To see here

Our official facebook group has more than 41,000 members. And that's only for the members.
once you have joined, there will be a link in your back office to join him.

This is a great help when your sponsor is not available.
In addition, our private facebook group.

Members who are members, or non members (opt ins), will receive an email from me on Sunday morning, to join us in the bubble.

We discuss new and ongoing things, as well as the cooperative we just started in November.

See one of our hangouts by clicking HERE

Its a pretty good one for your system .. And the start page and autoresponder are already set up for you.
In addition, we have share codes for you, and you can actually buy a domain in your back office, put it in sharing code, and all that is also configured with the series of cover pages / autoresponders.

The cost of the domain is $ 12.95 per year. Or transfer yours to our back office.

The owner (Franko) has created a slideshow to explain it a bit and is also a good marketing tool.

See it here

I hope to see some of you getting into this business.

I've been in domination, the sacred tea club, the complete tea club (for which I've actually worked) Infinii, and it's absolutely the best program because of the compensation plan , more of all the help and friendships created in PLS.

Thank you for watching gamer4.gif


The coop works smile.gif
Here is a bit of my recent activity.

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