[ Politics ] Open question: Elizabeth Warren: "A flight without capitalism, it is without rules." True or false?

[ Politics ] Open question: Elizabeth Warren: "A flight without capitalism, it is without rules." True or false? .

ux designer – UI suggestion for my own design

I am developing a chrome extension where I intended to display the popup window with the details of the current product and the user information. So, I've already built the popup and decided what are the things to present. And I have designed my own layout 🙂

But the final design does not look good, does not make the look attractive. Although I'm strong in programming, nothing makes me think of UX design. Anyone can suggest me to improve the appearance (with good colors). Thank you…

[[[[Note: not mandatory to follow the same presentation, but I just want to expose this information]

I've also refereed some blogs: https://uxplanet.org/chrome-extension-popups-design-inspiration-b38de2cbd589

popup image

3.5nd dnd – Does the rule indicate that a character suffers fall damage during a long jump?

I am concerned about a rule.
When you examine the damage due to the fall (p.303 DMG),

Fall of the damage: The basic rule is simple: 1d6 points of
damage by 10 feet fell, up to a maximum of 20d6.

then there is this sentence:

If a character jumps deliberately instead of just dragging or
in falling, the damage is the same but the first 1d6 is non-fatal

So, after that, you go to PHB for clarification on jumping and jumping (p.77, PHB) has 4 ways to use his skills: long jump, big jump, ascend and jump. In the jump section, the states are the same as in DMG.

If you intentionally jump from a height, you suffer less damage than if you had just fallen. The DC to jump from a height is 15 […] If you pass the test, you suffer damage that falls as if you had lost 10 feet less than you actually did. So, if you jump from a height of only 10 feet, you do not suffer any damage. If you jump from a height of 20 feet, you suffer damage as if you had fallen to 10 feet.

Then there is the long jump rule

Jumping in length: a long jump is a horizontal jump, made through a space
like a chasm or a stream. In the middle of the jump, you reach a
vertical height equal to one quarter of the horizontal distance.

Now, if I understand the rule, you have to fall or jump to receive damage due to the fall as they are "by 10" fallen and if you jump down. If you have a very high jump bonus because of your skills, your prowess, your magic and your speed, you risk a long jump that will propel you to more than 20 in the air. The way the rule is written does not say that the height reached by the long jump is a distance that falls. But I would like to have a confirmation because it is not as clear as it should be. You could of course consider making a tumble check to reduce by 10 (or more if you do very hard on tumble) this fall, but since you do not do it. jumpyou can not reduce it by 10%.

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graphics3d – Tracing multiple vector fields in 3D

I want to draw a distribution in R3 as in the picture below

enter the description of the image here

I know that Wolfram allows to draw several vector fields as in the page


Question: How can I fill the field1, field2 part? Do I have to define a function?

Note: In my specific problem, I have a field of hyperplans $ H $ sure $ mathbb R ^ 3 $ generated by vector fields

$$ H = { partial_x, partial_y – x partial_z } $$

r – Why purrr :: map does not support quasiquotation?

I'm curious why purrr :: map_ * family function, despite being part of Tidyverse, does not support splice-united quasiquotation points before evaluating the mapped function?

library (tidyverse)
library (rlang)

set.seed (1)
points <- quos(digits = 2L)

# this obviously won't work
           ~ format(.x, !!!dots))
#> Error in! Dots: Invalid argument type

# I do not understand why it does not work
purrr :: map_chr (rnorm (5L),
~ format (.x, ...),
!!! points)
#> Error in! Points: Invalid argument type

# Finally, it works
eval_tidy (expr (
purrr :: map_chr (rnorm (5L),
~ format (.x, ...),
!!! points)
#> [1] "1.5" "0.39" "-0.62" "-2.2" "1.1"

Created on 2019-01-31 by the reprex package (v0.2.0).

Colored pieces – NFT comparison?

Is it ok to define Colorful pieces such as one non-fungible token standard for Bitcoin?

Do one color piece lose one's fungibility once published?

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YouTube Video Rotator | Black Hat Forum on SEO and Affiliate Marketing

Discussion in Black Hat SEO Tools & # 39; started by FindDIY, January 31, 2019 at 8:36 pm.


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  1. TrouverDIE,
    January 31, 2019 at 8:36 pm

    # 1



    I like receipts:
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    Home page:

    Automatically rotate embedded YouTube videos on any blogs or websites configured for autoplay. A great option for demonstrating videos or getting more views on your videos.


    # 1

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