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Recommendation for the encryption program for selected files only?

I would like to encrypt some of my data files and not the entire hard drive because I understand that this last road slows down the system a lot? Is it necessary to partition the hard disk and store the files to be encrypted? Does encryption create problems using the backup software?

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[AddonsLab] Post Limit By Node | NulledTeam UnderGround

In this release, we implemented a new permission – Ignore the limit if already posted in the thread. When authorization is enabled, users will be able to post an answer in a thread without further restriction if they already have a message in this thread.

The authorization is by group of users and by nodes. It can be customized for a full user group or for specific nodes only. By default, it is disabled and the behavior of the product is identical to that of version 2.0.x.

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[GET][NULLED] – Custom Facebook Feed Pro (By Smash Balloon) v3.7.1


[GET][NULLED] – Custom Facebook Feed Pro (By Smash Balloon) v3.7.1

4 words that kill sales and conversions

Language is one of the most underrated concepts of marketing and sales.

A little word can make or break a sale.

That's why it's important that you carefully choose the words and language schemes you use to communicate with your prospects.

Today, I want to give you three words to NEVER use in any important communication with your prospects …

These are words that will activate your prospect's defenses, repel them and possibly erode trust.

Let's go.

1) "Buy"

NEVER, NEVER use that word.

The word "buy" means two things: (1) that they are about to part with the money; (2) you sell them (always a no-no); and (3) that they take some kind of risk.

Instead of the word buy, use words such as "own" or "have access to".

These words not only prevent you from defending your prospects, but also encourage them to buy by giving them, preventively, a sense of ownership of your product or service.

Once they have that feeling of ownership, some of them will not want to part with it anymore.

2) "contract"

This word implies restraint, commitment and risk of prosecution.

Which scares prospects.

So, instead of contract, use the word "agreement".

Because when you use the word "contract", you ask them to sign a piece of paper that will bind and restrict them.

But when you use the word "agreement", you imply that you will work together in a harmonious relationship.

Contention vs harmony.

One seems daunting; the other seems nice.

The choice is quite simple here.

3) Believe me

Have you ever heard someone say to you, "Believe me in this …"?

Do you trust them?

Or did they say that it really caused resistance?

I guess it probably caused some resistance.

If we trust someone, we do not need them to tell us to trust them.

So if they tell us to trust them, we naturally conclude that we do not trust them.

So, never use these two words.

Simply speak with certainty and with the conviction that your product or service is the solution to your prospect's problems.

You want to show and imply that your solution is the trusted solution that will enable them to achieve the desired results.

But you never want to say it plainly.

Your prospect's "bullshit radar" will shut down instantly if you do it.


Always be careful with the language you use.

Every word you say – whether spoken or written – will have one of two things:

(1) This will create rapport and harmony with your prospect; or

(2) This will create resistance and repel them.

So be sure to use your words carefully.

Groups – How to create a list where, depending on the permission, the administrator will see everything

What you describe is a way of doing what you are looking for.

But OOB lists have the ability to automatically filter the list so that "normal" users can only view and edit the items they've created – this option applies to all users, unless & # 39; They do not have the option "Cancel Release Permissions" (ie what you call Users' Admin & # 39;) See the yellow part of the image attached.

You can define what "normal" users see in the sections circled in green and red in the attached image.

The use of this option on the application of permissions on different views resides in the fact that you only have to manage the permissions of two groups, not the authorizations AND the views, according to your question .

Please mark this as an answer if it helped you

access this setting by going to the list of options -> Advanced Settings "/></p>
<p>access this setting by going to the list of options -> Advanced settings</p>
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