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I have launched my Satistime product and would like to know your comments on the website (

Satistime is an online list of things to do + calendar + goal planner / tracker all in one. My goal was to create a tool that streamlines the entire process, from setting goals to daily routine, while remaining lightweight and easy to use.
I want to make sure that the website clearly communicates the features and end benefits to the target market. Thank you!

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@londonseo are you using GSA SER on an English-language computer and are your customers looking for an English-language Excel?
The only problem I have ever encountered with opening CSV files from Excel is when the computer generator and the opening computer use different characters for the list separation, for example. in the UK, it's a "," but in Germany, it's a ";"
What you can do is upload your customer data onto a Google sheet so they are in the cloud and universal. They can then always download it for local use of Excel if they wish, and it also looks very professional.

The text wrapping in Google Sheets no longer develops the cell

Suddenly, it seems to me that there are problems in my automatic cell size enlargement in Google Sheets with the return to the line, for some cells.

Mac OS: 10.13.6 (17G65)

Chromium: Version 73.0.3683.103 (official version) (64 bit)

I select all cells via cmd + A and apply text wrapping:

enter the description of the image here

I scroll down to a cell I've never formatted before and I'm typing a long string (let's say C1000):

enter the description of the image here

The text wraps and enlarges the cell C1000 as expected:

enter the description of the image here

I added text to a cell that I had conditionally formatted (the conditional format is simply to change the green on some value) and the font, and add long text, let's say C125:

enter the description of the image here

The text does not end C125 even if the packaging is applied to it:

enter the description of the image here

To reveal the remaining text in C125I had to manually drag the height of the cell:

enter the description of the image here

I thought that one of the conditional formats was screwed up, so I erased the formatting of all the cells and tried typing long text again C125:

enter the description of the image here

Once again, it does not end. The text continues in the cell but does not push the cell down and does not expose the rest of the text:

enter the description of the image here

Finally, I thought maybe that text wrapping applies to properly formatted cells like plain text, so I selected all the cells again and set the formatting. No chance.

enter the description of the image here

Can there be a bug with specific cells? Or, copy and paste text from other sources, such as Mac Notes, is it causing bugs of this nature?

How can I restore default settings such as text wrapping works for all cells?

How to manually sign Kali for UEFI

I have a laptop under Win10Pro and I have UEFI. I have a USB key with Kali on it.

If I disable secure boot, I can boot from Kali without any problem, but Win10 / BitLocker complains. Of course, I can not boot with Secure Boot because Kali is not signed.

How can I sign manually my Kali so that I can start it that way? I'm certainly not above signing myself with a custom key and then telling UEFI to trust this key … if that's possible.

mysql – Unable to connect to AWS RDS with an endpoint

We have two RDS running on AWS. One is a production database and the other is a development database. Both servers were working properly until we decided to upgrade the production server from a db.t2.micro to a db.t3.medium. After the upgrade, none of the connections to the database work.

The development base is still working properly and we can still connect properly to this base. We have verified that the endpoint always matches the configuration file settings. We checked the security settings and indicated that an IP address or host can connect. Whenever we try to log in, we get a timeout error, so incorrect credentials do not seem to be the problem. We can establish a connection via an IP address, but without using the endpoint. We have verified that the settings between the two databases are identical except for size and name.

camera settings – Hw can I adjust the aperture on my DSLR when it is connected to a telescope instead of a lens?

Is it possible to adjust the aperture without a lens?

Whereas the opening is a part of the lens, not the body of the camera, no it is not possible.

As a rule, telescopes do not have variable openings: it's not necessary to stop yourself to limit the incoming light (which is absolutely the opposite of what you're looking for the star photography) and the control of the depth of field does not make sense when not all objects are closer than the moon.

The opening of the telescope is the diameter of the front element. In number ƒ, it is the ratio of the focal length of the telescope divided by the diameter of the front element. Be sure to use the same units (that is, inches or mm / cm / m).

how to calculate the cumulative probability of * dependent * events?

The cumulative probability formula for independent events is quite simple. Just multiply the probability of the events together. For example, 2 independent events, each with a probability of 0.80 would have a cumulative probability of 0.8 * 0.8 = 0.64. But I have to find the formula to determine the cumulative probability of dependent events. For example, what is the probability that event A and event B occur if they depend on each other? Let's say that event A has a probability of 0.80 and that event B has a probability of 0.90.

What do you think about Ubuntu 19.04?

Ubuntu 19.04 is so beautiful, its use is not excessive in RAM and strong wifi signal.
You can try it now:
–Link download Ubuntu 19.04:

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Percentage of the Umidigi F1 battery

I recently bought a smartphone Umidigi F1 and I do not see how to enable the battery percentage so that it is always displayed in the notification bar. If I go to Settings -> Battery, there is no option to enable it.

screen capture