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windows – PL / SQL developer initialization error

I'm trying to run PL / SQL but I still get this error

first of all my oracle versions

Oracle client

Oracle 11gR2 64-bit v11.2.0.1 Client
Oracle 11gR2 32-bit v11.2.0.1 Client
Oracle 12c 32-bit v12.1.0.1 Client

Windows 10 user

Initialization Error Could not load "C: oracle product 10.2.0 client_1 bin oci.dll" OracleHomeKey:
SOFTWARE ORACLE KEY_OraClient10g_home1 OracleHomeDir:
C: oracle product 10.2.0 client_1 Found: oci.dll with:
C: oracle product 10.2.0 client_1 bin oci.dll
LoadLibrary (C: oracle product 10.2.0 client_1 bin oci.dll) returns 0

ldap – Manage permissions on the openLDAP docker

I want to change some permissions of my openLDAP instance running on Docker (

  • Forbid anonymous login (forbid even read-only)
  • Do not give any non-admin user read access to anything other than himself
  • A user should be able to change only his own password

I understood that this type of authorization management is done via ACL (Access Control Lists).

But where can I create these ACLs (or edit existing ones) in docker-openLDAP?

I would be very happy if you have a solution to that, I am rather stuck on that.

Lens – Is the Canon EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM compatible with the Canon 4000d?

Each camera manufacturer has a lens mount designed to match their cameras.

The original Canon autofocus mount (1987 and up) is the EF mount. Each The Canon autofocus camera manufactured since then can be attached to EF lenses.

When digital was introduced, it used a smaller sensor size than the film (difference between APS-C size sensors and "full frame" sensors). The lenses designed for this smaller size are designated by EF-S. The EF-S lenses, because of the smaller image circle that they project, will not fit the Full Frame cameras, but at the APS-C.

For this reason, a Full Frame camera such as the 5D mark 3 has the indicated mount of "EF", while your 4000D is displayed as "EF-S".

What is not immediately apparent is that all The EF-S camera can also use EF lenses.

Essentially, you can use all Canon SLR Lens Autofocus. If you buy third-party lenses, make sure they say "For Canon", "For Canon EF" or "For Canon EF-S". As long as they say that they are "For Canon", they will be attached.

Secondary note: Canon has designed EF-M and RF lenses for its mirrorless cameras. Neither one nor the other will suit your camera. Stick to EF and EF-S.

Differential Geometry – The compact collector is $ sigma $ -compact

Let $ d, k in mathbb {N} $. A $ d $-dimensional $ C ^ k $-manifold is a topological space $ M $ equipped with a set $ (O ^ i, k ^ i) _ {i in mathcal {I}} $, with, for each $ i in mathcal {I} $, $ O ^ i $ is an open subset of $ M $ and $ k ^ i $ a map of $ O ^ i $ in $ mathbb {R} ^ {d} $ such as:

i) open sets $ O ^ i $, $ i in mathcal {I} $, more than $ M $;

ii) $ k ^ i (O ^ i) $ is an open subset of $ mathbb {R} ^ {d} $;

iii) for each $ i in mathcal {I} $ the map $ k ^ i: Oî longrightarrow k ^ i (O ^ i) $ is a homeomorphism;

iv) if $ O ^ {ij} = O ^ i cap O ^ j neq emptyset $Then for $ W ^ l = k ^ l (O ^ {ij}) subset k ^ l (O ^ l) $, $ l = i $ or $ j, the map $ k ^ {ij}: W ^ i longrightarrow W ^ j $ given by $ k ^ j circ (k ^ i) ^ {- 1} $ is a $ C ^ k $-difféomorphisme.

Definition: A variety $ M $ is $ sigma- $compact if there is a compact game sequence $ K ^ 0 subset K ^ 1 subset dots subset K ^ n subset dots $ such as $$ K ^ n subset operatorname {int} K ^ {n + 1} hbox {and} M = bigcup_ {n in mathbb {N}} K ^ n. $$

With this definition, can I say that all compact manifold $ M = K $ is $ sigma $-compact?

My attempt: taking $ K ^ n = K $ for everyone $ n in mathbb {N} $ we obtain $ operatorname {int} K ^ {n + 1} = operatorname {int} K = K $, since $ K = operatorname {int} K $ by the definition of the topology. Therefore, $ K ^ n = K subset K = operatorname {int} K ^ {n + 1} $. There seems to be something wrong.

Ubuntu freezes after a few seconds

Ubuntu hangs a few seconds after launching the live version. Same thing when I try to install it on my hard drive, it freezes after selecting the language. If anyone has ever had this problem and solved, he can help me, I am a thank you taker.

theme development – Administrator notifications do not display on the administrator screen for some publications

I want to make a featured image necessary. To begin, I try to display an error message after pressing the publish or publish buttons. The problem is that the reviews I try to include do not display. for example

function my_admin_notice(){
    global $pagenow;
    if ( $pagenow == 'post.php' ) {
        echo '

This notice only appears on the plugins page.

'; } } add_action('admin_notices', 'my_admin_notice');

Whatever notice I'm trying to display in a specific post-administrator screen, it does not show up. Could the problem be in the new publisher Gutenberg?