tracing – Listplot with a for function for x values

I want to draw a function with points and lines.
I have to use listplot and plot.
Now I have the values ​​y but x values ​​are wrong.
So I want to manipulate them with a for function in my listplot.

But it does not work.
Can any one tell me how to improve it?

xk(k_, n_) := (-1 + k*1/(n/2))
xk(4, 7)
f(x_) := 1/(1 + 25 x^2)
fk(n_) := Table(f(xk(i, n)), {i, 0, n})
ListPlot(for(i = 0, i <= 10, i++, {xk(i, 10), Part(fk(10), i)}))
Plot(fk(xk(x, n), {x, 0, 10})

fraud – What to do with a shady exchange?

I am new here and the reason is that I believe I have been a victim of
scam. And I hope you can guide me out of this crappy situation or at least help expose the fraudsters.

I'm stupid and I got in touch with a guy called Glen Morley by telegram that would have a very precise signal rate on bitcoin trading, which it actually did, assuming the stock market had real cards. We have an agreement to share the 80/20 profit. He did not ask for any private information whatsoever. He ordered me to open an account on

After the first day, I was almost sure that it was a scam. When I tried to withdraw my account the next day, the exchange indicated that I could not withdraw my account because my account was new and I had to wait 4 business days to do it. It appeared during this conversation that they also charged a 15% tax if your profit exceeds $ 20,000. I've also been encouraged to continue trading in the meantime and they could not explain why. When I asked them why these rules did not exist anywhere on their site, they became mute.

Not having the right to withdraw, I decided to see the result of this story assuming that I probably lost my initial investment. Glen sent me signals to exchange and I finished with 5.9 btc of 0.25 btc in a week, just by making 5 transactions a day. In the meantime, I continued to think about possible scenarios, but I could not understand the meaning.

After a week, today, I did my last exchange today to understand the configuration as a whole. It turned out that the 15% tax on the total profits they mentioned was supposed to be deposited in order to be withdrawn, which they do not mention. This is not even written anywhere on their site. In my case, it's about $ 6,400. I do not have this money. Even if I had, it would be impossible for me to drop again in a shady exchange that holds surprises last minute. When I spoke to Glen, he encouraged me to pay him by getting a loan! I think the guy called Glen and this exchange work together. First to convince people to file, then to make them believe that they make quick profits and in the end to make them deposit ridiculous sums to withdraw, which would probably never happen.

Sorry to take your time with this, but I feel it is my job to spread the news and ask for advice if possible.

I have screenshots of every conversation I have had with exchange support and with Glen in case that would help.

Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

Is there a solution for the error: invalid condarc yaml and ConfigurationLoadError: unable to load the configuration file?

during the installation of anaconda suite, during the execution, I have faced these errors. the first was ConfigurationLoadError: Unable to load the configuration file. and the second was error: condarc invalid yaml
Added: The Conda command does not work either.

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c – Design and implement a data structure that can be used to track and manipulate "beaches"

A "range" is defined by a starting point (inclusive) and an end point (exclusive), for
For example, the range (1, 4) contains the values ​​1, 2, and 3. You can assume that the ranges can not be
defined with integer values.
Implement the following three methods.

a) Add (start, end): Adds a new range to the data structure from "start" to "end". If the range
already exists, or is contained within an already existing range, nothing needs to be done. Yes
the new beach partially overlaps an existing beach, the two beaches must be merged into one
new range that covers the union of old and new ranges. Examples:
(i) State of Origin ((1, 2)), Add (3, 5), New State: ((1, 2), (3, 5))
(ii) State of Origin ((1, 6)), Add (3, 5), New State: ((1, 6))
(iii) State of Origin ((1, 4)), Add (3, 5), New State: ((1, 5))

b) Delete (start, end): Deletes the range from "start" to "end" of the data structure. If the range
does not exist, so nothing needs to be done. If the beach partially overlaps an existing beach,
then the existing range must be truncated.

Suspected deleted text messages on one of my almost identical numbers ON SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 [on hold]

I have a phone number in my wife's contacts. A number is what we used when we went to Mexico. The other number is used for everything else. The nude

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Online Service | NewProxyLists – BlackHat Forums

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wiki – How to build an intuitive knowledge base like Confluence (Sharepoint-Online)

You basically ask a Q & A site how to recreate a large commercial third-party application by assembling Lego digital parts. As crazy as it may seem, you may be able to solve this problem if you keep in mind that it will not happen overnight and you have to leave some Confluence features on the table. SharePoint does not have "macros" but you may be able to solve the same problems by using the native SharePoint feature.

I'm not going to tell you how to do that – if it was so easy, Confluence would not have a business model – but I'll tell you where to start. Become very good at the following three topics in SharePoint:

  1. taxonomy
  2. Types of content
  3. Search

Once you have mastered these topics, you can begin to visualize the look of your knowledge base in SharePoint and from there.