cpu – Is RAM getting an indication of the required data size

Prior information:

I'm sure someone asked for something like that, but no matter how I say it, I can't seem to find a definitive answer


Does RAM get some sort of indication of how much data the CPU needs or is there a defined amount of data and if the CPU needs more it should call back (and what is this defined amount of data).

During a cache failure, the CPU will need at least one cache line (32, 64 or 128 bytes). Does the processor need to poll the RAM multiple times to get a single cache line (assuming the defined amount is 8 bytes) or does the RAM return more data per call or does the RAM have a way to be notified of the amount of data required?

I am aware that the processor will probably call more than a single cache line to avoid the long RAM demand if more data is needed in the future from the same block of memory.

Bonus points:

If you know and have more information, the following extras might also interest me:

  • If this is different depending on the brand of the processor (the generation differences can also be interesting, but if you add information on this, please ignore similar generations)
  • If it's different depending on the type of RAM
  • How the processor can request a cache line or block size of a different size (only applies if the RAM returns a fixed size which is the size of a block or a cache line )
  • Any other useful information or resource useful for further reading

certification authority – What does "minimum CA application example" mean?

I read openssl manuals, and in the openssl-ca man I found a note, that "openssl ca is an example of minimal CA application"
What does that mean? I do not understand.
If this is just an example, what do I need to run CA tasks in a production environment? (It is more complex than the CA.pl script)

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sharepoint online – How to add the new command bar button at the end of the other menu using spfx? as after the flow

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Serves an error when saving

When I try to save my user preferences, I always seem to receive an error message from the server. It doesn't mention anything specific, but it just doesn't work. Has anyone else seen this?

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Question about configurable option in WHMCS


When you configure the configurable option to appear on the order form and a customer places an order and adds a configurable option, how do you know? For example, if you configure a configurable option for additional disk space. I know WHMCS will not automatically configure additional disk space but I don't even see anything in the pending order to indicate that the client has added an option. How should I be notified?

What I wanted to do was, say, I have a package with 5 GB of disk space. I wanted to give them a configurable option to add 5 GB. From what I read , WHMCS will not automatically configure / modify the disk space quota of the selected packages, so I was thinking of duplicating the package with 10 GB and configuring it as hidden but an upgrade / downgrade option. (I don't want the $ 70 addon)

Thank you