battery – 2011 Macbook Pro 15″ keeps eating batteries

I have an ancient 2011 MBP that keeps destroying batteries. I had the logic board replaced in 2016 for the integrated graphics recall, FWIW. I just replaced the current batt with one from OWC (NewerTech brand), and bought a new 85w Apple mag-safe charger at the same time.

This same scenario has happened 4 times now. The charge in the battery gets low, and the Macbook won’t power on anymore. I plug it in, and the magsafe charger light stays green. After starting the machine, it says “Battery not charging” in the status bar.

No amount of SMC resets, pulling / disconnecting the battery, or PRAM resets solve the problem. I’ve only ever been able to fix this by replacing the battery with a new one. Anyone else having this problem?

How do I stop myself from getting angry at slow drivers?

Here’s what works for me usually – I don’t know how well it would work for others.

Sounds trite, but I try to look at the bright side.  That guy in front of me is going 10 under the speed limit, but at least we’re moving.  I’ve been in dead-stop traffic, too, which is worse.  I’m probably getting laid tonight, might even get a BJ, and that guy in front probably can’t say the same.  I have a good marriage and kids, and 50% of couples get divorced and/or are single parents.  I’m driving home from work, but at least I have a job.  A ****load of people lost their job due to coronoavirus.

When I can pass someone I will, but not in anger.

When I get caught at a light because the person in front of me just made it, I consider myself First in Line for the next Green.  If anything, all the cars behind me wish they were in my spot.

Source(s): My job required cool analysis, so anger was a liability.

Recommended color range for background color

I am building an online menu for restaurants.

The default background color is a light gray (#f1f3f5). The default text color is black (#555555). Example

Many of the restaurants have asked to use a custom color for the background. At first I said no, because users are not designers and use colors awfully… but after many requests I am starting to investigate a solution.

The idea is to allow the user to pick any color. Then the color is adjusted within a range.

In particular we would like to keep a light background with dark text on it.

So the solution was to use HSL and force L to a minimum of 0.9.

It has a sufficient effect, but I am not 100% satisfied.

Is there any study about the acceptable color range for a full-screen background (saturation, luminance)?

dnd 5e – Is this homebrew exfiltration spell balanced?

Dimensional Anchor

3rd Level Conjuration
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: self
Components: V, S, M (a small, leaden nail worth 5gp)
Duration: 1 minute

You pound a nail into a point in the ground, anchoring your being to the nail’s location. During the spell’s duration, you can utter a command phrase as a bonus action and magically teleport to the nail’s location and the spell ends.

You can bring along objects as long as their weight doesn’t exceed what you can carry. You can teleport to the nail regardless of physical distance, planar distance, or obstacles (magical or otherwise, including barriers of magical force) between you and the nail. The effect occurs only if the command phrase is audible.

At higher levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 5th level or higher, the duration of this spell increases to 1 hour.

The intended purpose of this spell is as an exfiltration tool that must be prepared before usage, with clear differences between Misty Step and Teleportation Circle. I’ve deliberately made its teleportation and escape potential much stronger than the others to offset the setup added cost of this spell, and as a way to reward creative thinking and good planning.

Is this spell balanced?

I’ve prepared a list of balance consideration to help guide analysis.

Balance Considerations

  • I haven’t determined which classes will be able to use it, so for the purposes of analysis, you may assume that any spellcasting class can use it.
  • Comparison with Misty Step:
    • This spell is likely to be used in a similar manner as Misty Step–primarily a means of escaping a sticky situation. The escape potential for this spell is much greater, as it can be used to escape almost any bond or prison.
    • Misty Step can be cast reactively and requires a bonus action, whereas this spell requires a full action and bonus action. Action economy favors Misty Step in almost any scenario , unless the user has specifically approached a situation with a plan in mind.
    • This spell requires a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, while Misty Step requires only a 2nd level spell slot.
  • Comparison with Teleportation Circle:
    • This spell is mainly intended as a short-term, higher flexibility counterpart to Teleportation Circle .
    • Teleportation Circle can be used to access any existing Circle, whereas Dimensional Anchor can only be used to return to a recent location. As such, Teleportation Circle has much higher travel utility.
    • Due to its lower casting time, Dimensional Anchor can be used mid-combat.
  • Comparison with Word of Recall
    • This spell only works for a single creature (the caster) and has a finite duration.
    • This spell is significantly lower in level, meaning that it can be used more often at lower levels to avoid physical obstacles that wouldn’t otherwise deter a high-level player.
    • The return location for this spell does not require special or cleric-related significance. This greatly increases its real-time flexibility.
  • Silence prevents the user from teleporting via this spell.
  • The nail can be moved by any creature–hostile or otherwise.

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Finding lower boundary of a 3D object in list format

I have the following point list and would like to find the points located in the lower boundary of the 3D object (It is part of a body torso).

I am using the following script. However, in the end it shows just one point which is not correct. I think the reason is that the lower boundary points are not aligned with a straight line. Any help is really appreciated.

B3 = Select(data3D, MemberQ(#, Min( data3D((All, 2)))) &);

Bitcoin c-lightning node on Synology cannot connect to bitcoind

I’m trying to setup a bitcoin lightning node on my NAS (Synology), following this tutorial:

Unfortunately I get the following error (log):

lightningd: WARNING: default network changing in 2020: please set network=testnet in config!
Could not connect to bitcoind using bitcoin-cli. Is bitcoind running?
Make sure you have bitcoind running and that bitcoin-cli is able to connect to bitcoind.

You can verify that your Bitcoin Core installation is ready for use by running:
        $ bitcoin-cli -testnet echo 'hello world'   

2020-06-30T19:45:20.256Z INFO plugin-bcli: Killing plugin: Plugin exited before completing handshake.
The Bitcoin backend died.
lightningd: WARNING: default network changing in 2020: please set network=testnet in config!

My lightning.conf contains the following:


I’ve tried several parameters for bitcoin-rpcconnect (internal ip, external ip of my bitcoin node including the right ports).

Since my bitcoin node is running on mainnet I try to setup the lightning node for mainnet as well.

So does anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?

Is it possible to assign a color to specific comments strings in Visual Studio Code

I’m looking for an existing solution (probably using an extension) for marking some specific strings in my code with a fixed color (defined by me in some configuration file) on Visual Studio Code.

E.g. Instead of showing the whole comment in green //The comment here is awesome, I would like to mark the word “here” with a red color text or red color background.

I’ve noticed VSCode have done it for the word TODO: (marked with orange background and white text color), I would like to define more strings like this.

Thanks 🙂

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