Why are my 2 separate Gmail accounts receiving the same emails?

If someone sending a mail to account A. Why am I receiving the same email in account B. I checked in ‘setting->forward’ but there is no relation between two accounts.

Umlaut key combo of Windows Custom Keyboard Layout stops working until reboot

I have a Custom Keyboard Layout installed that I created myself using MKLC and have used without issue for many years. Two weeks or so ago, the Umlaut A key combo I defined (AltGr + A; affects both uppercase and lowercase) stopped working on my managed corporate computer until I reboot, and from then on would only work for a relatively short time (probably around an hour) after each reboot. This almost always affects my Umlaut A key combo, but has once affected another Umlaut key combo instead of Umlaut A.

Is it possible to undo virsh undefine on a running VM?

I accidentally wrote the wrong command, as the VM is still running it is not yet removed. Is it possible to undo this action?

troubleshooting – Nikon d7500 18-140mm, problem while shooting 4k video in M mode

I have a problem with my dslr Nikon d7500 with 18-140mm kit lens. Whenever I try to shoot 4k video in M mode it doesn’t show anything on the Live screen, when I switch From M to P mode or any other mode I see everything through the live screen. I have set the resolution to 4k 24p, it works on every mode instead of M mode.
is there any configuration I’m missing?
Thanks in advance

real analysis – Help with Baby Rudin Definition 11.4


Hey all, I got stuck on the proof of equation $(12)$. My consideration is as follows:
Assume that $Ain {scr E}$ and $Bin {scr E}$. Then $A=bigcup_{s=1}^n I_s$, $B=bigcup_{k=1}^m J_k$, where $I_s$ and $J_k$ are intervals in $R^p$ for $s=1,2,cdots,n$ and $k=1,2,cdots,m$.
Since $Abigcup B=I_1bigcupcdotsbigcup I_nbigcup J_1bigcupcdotsbigcup J_m$, $Abigcup Bin {scr E}$. It is left to show that $A-Bin {scr E}$.
Note that
A-B&=Abigcap B^c\
&=Abigcapleft(bigcup_{k=1}^m J_kright)^c\
&=Abigcapleft(bigcap_{k=1}^m J_k^cright) (by De Morgan’s Law)\
&=bigcap_{k=1}^mleft(Abigcap J_k^cright)\
&=bigcap_{k=1}^m left( bigcup_{s=1}^n left(I_sbigcap J_k^c right)right)

It can be shown that $bigcap_{k=1}^m left( bigcup_{s=1}^n left(I_sbigcap J_k^c right)right)=bigcup_{s=1}^n left( bigcap_{k=1}^m left(I_sbigcap J_k^c right)right)$, so we only need to show $bigcap_{k=1}^m left(I_sbigcap J_k^c right)$ is an interval.
Now we prove the intersection of any two intervals(namely, $A$ and $B$) is also an interval:
If $Abigcap B=0$, then it is an interval by definition.
If $Abigcap Bneq 0$, then the points $mathbf x=(x_1,x_2,cdots,x_p)$ in $Abigcap B$ has the form
c_ileq x_i leq d_iquad (i=1,2,cdots,p),

so that $Abigcap B$ is an interval.
If we can show that the complement of an interval is also an interval, then the theorem completes. This is where I got stuck. Furthermore, I have no idea about how to show ${scr E}$ is not a $sigma$-ring.
I would appreciate if you could explain in details.

plugins – Get WordPress post content which build with elementor page builder

I built a page with Elementor. Suppose page ID is 99. Now i want to fetch this page content in my theme footer.

This is the way i found how to get default post content by post ID:

$my_postid = 99; // This is page id or post id
$content_post = get_post($my_postid);
$content = $content_post->post_content;
$content = apply_filters('the_content', $content);
echo $content;

But if i use Elementor to built my page or post, previews method not working. Page or post content not showing with this method.

So my question is, How to get post content by post ID which built with Elementor.

how to install the older version of android studio 2.1.2 in ubuntu

how to install the older version of android studio 2.1.2 in ubuntu ?
what is the command i have to give in terminal ?
Any link or website where i can download android studio 2.1.2 ?

game design – Project Management: Jira versus Hansoft

I understand this isn’t a project management community, but both of these programs are big options for the game development so I feel like the question might belong in this community.

Has anyone used both Hansoft and Jira before? I’m looking to begin working more on managing the tasks and timelines for a very large game project. Hansoft looks amazing but there isn’t a lot of information on the web about it. Jira has a ton of information and everyone seems to love it, but it doesn’t look as clean as Hansoft. And to top it off Hansoft seems to be used by some very large game development companies.

Does anyone have some genuine thoughts on both pieces of software? Any comparisons or suggestions on which one to use?


css – Best practice for measurements relative to screen size, on mobile devices?

What unit or approach is best (or at least good!) practice for using measurements relative to screen size? I’m constraining this question to mobile devices, which I suspect may affect the answers. I’d thus wrap the styles inside @media (hover:none), (hover:on-demand) { }.

air travel – Refund for a cancelled return ticket

I bought a round ticket with Kenya Airways, and used the first ticket,
but the return flight was cancelled due to Covid-19.

the airline offered an open ticket that will be valid till June 2021, and that they can offer a refund only after that date.

I already booked another return flight, and have no need of the open ticket.

Is there any way for me to get the refund without waiting a year?
Can I dispute the charge with the credit card company?