WHMCS cron advance !


I am trying to use the option "do" from cron (WHMCS), to backup database every hour. According to WHMCS documentation is like this:
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sql server – What is causing the Wait between 2 SQL Statements?

Our database code has a function written to split a string based on a single character. Environment is SQL2017. The function does a little more than the STRING_SPLIT(). What I have observed is that the function randomly takes more time to execute , duration wise and not CPU wise. The CPU time almost always ranges from 0 to 16millisecond but the duration, even when the CPU time is 0ms, can at times be as high as 100ms. Using Paul Randall’s script described at https://www.sqlskills.com/blogs/paul/capturing-wait-stats-for-a-single-operation/, I tried to capture the wait type for this function hoping to see a wait_type which sticks out. There was only one wait_type, SIGNAL_IO which is to be expected, but it was for a sum total of zero milliseconds. In desperation, I used the SQL profiler to capture SP:StmtCompleted events for the execution of the function. In the profiler trace, I see there is time lag between one SQL statement executing and the next. I have attached snapshots at the end. What could be the reason for this ? How do I trace this ? The “lags” can happen between any two sql statements in the function. These occur intermittently at different locations …or not at all. The only constant is that these do occur. The statements themselves execute with a duration/cpu of 0ms. The function only accesses @variables and other SQL in-built functions and does not access any other resources like tables and I can attach it’s defintion if required. Any help in troubleshooting appreciated.

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This shouldn't be this hard?

I'm a photographer, I have a personal facebook account and just started a page for my business.

Over the last year I post pictures in different groups and they get lots of comments and shares but I feel they are doing me no good as when I post it is my personal account that posts them. Anyone clicking on my name doesn't find my photography page on facebook but my personal page.

When I search the web for how to post as my facebook photography page on these groups the instructions don't…

This shouldn't be this hard?

Trying to get multiple ifs to work together on Sheets

Been working at this for 3 days and my Brain is starting to hurt. I have these formulas and need to get it into 1 line formula. Each single line works but I can’t get them to play nice together.

Appreciate the help to make this work


AV-STOR NAS – Don’t know how to set it up

I came across an AV-STOR NAS, got it for £10 with no drives. I’ve put an HDD in and it powers up fine, self-test passes, and I’ve gone through the LCD option to mount the drive.

That’s as far as my technical knowledge (hah!) takes me.

I cannot for the life of me, seem to find the admin panel or otherwise map the drives to the network. I basically cannot see the drive or the AV-STOR system anywhere.

It pings when plugged in to the router, and I get a System 58 error if I try to map through CMD.

I’m on Win 10. I have been unable to find any documentation about this specific system other than this:


Which seems a bit vague in terms of the actual bit of kit itself.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been set the task of backing up TBs of generations of pictures / videos etc for about five generations of family and I wanted to do it with a NAS set up to Raid.

Having mounted the drive that’s in, it now shows this on the front panel when I go to that drive:


The system itself:




Thanks in advance for your time and any assistance you can offer!

ssh – ansible exit on fail per host

I want to use Ansible to run certain tasks only on hosts that I can ssh into. So I want Ansible to ssh into all the hosts I specify. If it can successfully ssh into then continue to run tasks on those hosts; hosts that it cannot ssh into, skip for the rest of the play/playbook. BTW, I am not very experianced with Ansible.

Thank you,

troubleshooting – Agfa Billy Record 7.7 how to unlock the shutter

Hello and thanks for reading my post. I am not familiar with vintage cameras. On looking through some old family storage boxes I have found an Agfa Billy Record with bellows – I think its the 7.7 model. The shutter button on the top right does not want to press, and the small dot next to the button is showing red. Is there a shutter lock on this camera, and if so where is it? There is no film loaded – would that prevent shutter operation ?
Any helkp or guidance appreciated.

matrices – What’s the possible solutions for a 6 known parameters of 3×3 Orthogonal Matrix?

What is the possible solutions for an $3×3$ size orthogonal matrix with the known parameters of the first two columns which makes 6 parameters known?

Let’s think of a rotation matrix which is an orthogonal matrix:

$M= begin{bmatrix} r_{11}&r_{12}&r_{13} \ r_{21}&r_{22}&r_{23} \ r_{31}&r_{32}&r_{33} end{bmatrix}$

The parameters of $r_{11},r_{21},r_{31}, r_{12},r_{22},r_{32}$ are known values. And it is desired to find the last (third) column with the parameters of $r_{13},r_{23},r_{33}$.

Is there a unique solution? What are/is the possible solution(s)?

I am confused with possible solutions, therefore I wanted to ask to be sure, how to find it.

Thanks in advance.

navigation – Navigating WordPress Articles From Parent Category?

Good day, please tell me how to fix the navigation in the parent category.
For example:

Parent Category – News – Subsidiaries (Company News and Market News)
Pagination now works within the category, and how to do something you can scroll within (Company News and Market News), that is, throughout the parent category!

next_post_link ('<div class="nav-next"> %link', '<span class="nav-subtitle"></span><span class="nav-title">%title</span></div>', true);
previous_post_link('<div class="nav-previous"> %link', '<span class="nav-subtitle"></span><span class="nav-title">%title</span></div>', true);

external sd – RAM Expander Roehsoft not working on my tablet, how can i fix this?

Hello stackexchange community!

I need some help with expanding RAM of an old android tablet of mine, more specifically, an Genesis GT-7204, using an SD card.

I rooted the tablet already and granted the app RAM Expander from Roehsoft root permissions, but when i try to use the app i get the following message: “This path is not available for swap!”
Image below:enter image description here

The path i used was mnt/local:
enter image description here