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Last week marked the sixth anniversary of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation. Despite the fact that the regulation has been in force for six months, experts have warned that some companies still have work to do before complying with the rules.

The new regulations have drawn a lot of attention on the potential heavy fines introduced (up to 4% of the annual business turnover of a company or 20 million euros, according to the highest amount), and let companies scramble to implement new policies and procedures to bring their businesses into compliance. with the updated laws.

Businesses now have six months to comply with the new standards, but despite this, industry experts have said that many companies are still not ready to deal with the GDPR.

"Today, it is highly likely that a number of organizations are experiencing issues related to data spreading, the volume of personal information from customers and the lack of information. Uncertainty around data ownership, "said Chris Mayers, chief security architect at Citrix," a year ago suggested. "

The survey also revealed that the large British company relied on 24 systems to manage and store personal data, with one in five (21%) using more than 40 systems to do so. </ P> <p> Attacking this Data Stagger It was not easy and will not be now so always the case. "

Although the Office of the Information Commissioner has not yet imposed one of the highest feared fines, some organizations have already been penalized under the new rules, including the law firm. 39; Brexit data analysis, AggregateIQ, and a Portuguese hospital.

AggregateIQ is a small Canadian data company linked to the Cambridge Analytica (CA) data company. It was the target of the first GDPR fine in September 2018. AggregateIQ had 30 days to "audit, evaluate, implement and document" its data processing. its practices or incurs a maximum fine of GBP 17 million, or 4% of its annual total turnover.

The Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD) imposed two separate sanctions on Barreiro Hospital after the data monitoring body inspected the hospital in early July. A fine of € 300,000 was imposed on him for non-respect of patient confidentiality and limitation of inappropriate access to their data. The second fine of 100,000 euros was imposed for the hospital's inability to guarantee the integrity of the data security in his system. The hospital is appealing the fine and could even launch a court challenge, according to the Portuguese publication Publico.

The public's awareness of an organization's data protection responsibilities has never been greater – the number of complaints of violations addressed to the Office of the Information Commissioner being in the foreground. increase. Reputations and revenues are at stake, and KYCBench is one of the leading companies that have put in place a long-term compliance strategy under the GDPR regulations.

KYCbench has been created so that our customers can process their data and documents appropriately in a secure, private and secure way. They know that their information is secure according to the required industry standards – ISO27001 and GDPR.

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