3.5nd dnd – Is it possible to lose 5 life without spending a lot of resources?

I'm building a crusader, and I want to make better use of the features Steely Resolve and Furious counter-attack.

Steely Resolve creates a deferred damage pool, the first 10* the damage you receive each turn is reported at the end of your next turn. He starts each meeting from 0.
Furious counter-attack Gives you + 1 attack and damage rolls for every 5 HP of your deferred damage pool (rounded down to a minimum of +1).

Is there a way to do 10 damage without spending my action on it? So, even when I win the initiative, I can attack with a bonus greater than +1.

Preferably, a feat that I can pick up at level 1 or a simple magic object, but even a dive of one level would work for me.
Extra points if the feature gives something positive itself.

Race: wrought
World: Eberron

* The threshold changes with the level, but it does not matter at the moment.