3.5nd dnd – When you attack with more than one action, which attacks suffer the Penalty Stone Power exploit?

Unlike the penalty of exploits Attack of power (Player's manual 98) and Power throw (Complete adventurer 111) that lasts "until your next turn" or the penalty of the most obscure feats windup (Dragon # 304 85) and Called Shot (of the officially licensed product Secrets of the Mantis 65) that lasts "until your next action" (and for more information on this confusing turn of phrase, see this question or question), the penalty of the exploit Stone power (Battle Tome 32-3) only takes the time necessary for the creature to carry out the standard or complete attack.

This means that if the creature performs a standard attack or a full attack, after the creature has made that standard attack or after the creature completes its full attack action, the Stone Power feat penalty disappears, but only temporary VPs remain.

The question seems incredulous about this. While he can appear Shaded to gain 10 temporary power points by undergoing a penalty of -5 during an attack roll (during a standard attack) or multiple attack throws (at any time). 39, a full attack action), and then do an extra standard action or extra full attack action make one or more subsequent attacks immediately after no The penalty, taking additional standard actions – or even entire turns – is the most powerful ability in the game. The enemies who can do this are rightly feared, and the PCs who can do it regularly can be among the more abusive.

Also, keep in mind that the ways to take extra actions and turns that are listed in the question are usually at least lower middle level strategies (a typical Level 7 wizard). celerity fate, a 12,000-gp battle belt, fulfilling the prerequisites of Sun School's feat), otherwise at least medium level strategies (a character is usually level 10 or 11 when he wins the leap in the shadows). At this point, swap a penalty of -5 on an isolated attack roll during a standard attack or on all attacks during a full attack for a lean 10 temporary tempt. is usually not a good exchange unless the creature is specifically designed to take advantage of those temporary hp (eg the Lady's Gambit Don (Dragon # 317 82) or Hida's Rage (Rokugan 51)) or has invested resources to mitigate this penalty … often to the detriment of damage, other defenses or increased accuracy.

I can not know the power level of your campaigns, but in mine, a penalty of -5 is important and 10 temporary chs are not generally worth this penalty, especially for a PC or NPC able to take additional measures : 5 penalties for 10 temporary choirs can mean missing, and disappearing during an attack may mean giving the enemy an extra turn.