3 reasons why you should consider writing eBooks as a business model

Now is the perfect opportunity to enter the ebook industry for anyone who is trying to get in the way and is starting to make a lot of money online for a few simple reasons.

In history, there is no other time in history where you are able to develop a product inexpensively, develop a marketing strategy and to have instant access to billions of potential customers directly in front of you.

A global platform
The days of complex marketing plans for specific geographic regions around the world are over. You can now access everyone directly via his computer screen. The Internet continues to grow each year, especially internationally, so that your customer base continues to grow.

In addition, because your main job is to create eBooks and distribute them online, you are not linked to any specific location. Whether you prefer to work in a café in London or on the beach in Fiji, the only requirement is to have an internet connection and a laptop to do your work.