$35 for a mobile game development company / studio (24h)

I need a logo for a company that is producing/managing mobile (and in future other types) games.
The company’s name is: KIQQI (Games)
www.kiqqi.com – but don’t take current “coming soon” as some color preference, it’s truly dummy page now just serving purpose to avoid having nothing at all on domain.

Being short and playful name – KIQQI is to be used with both Games in name (so: Kiqqi Games) and as a standalone word (so: Kiqqi).
I would need a logo which can look good in both variants – and be able to see both variants here on thread.
Maximum of 3 colors, please. Something memorable, cool is required, can be playful as name is too, but not too much toony or childish please – games we make can be for players of all ages.
Although – I do not want to oppress your creativity, therefore, feel free to express yourself.
Deliverable should be PSD and AI files uploaded to some file storage (google drive, dropbox or so) – once the winner is selected.

Contest is a bit tight on time as I need it sooner than later, thank you still for participating. Looking forward to seeing your ideas.
Contest ends exactly 24h from time of this thread creation.
Payment: Paypal direct (with fee covered)

Thank you