4 hours remaining – 468×60 Bidder Announcement | Promotion Forum

I've updated my sponsorship portion of the 468×60 rotation in my advertising thread and, as such, basic sponsors get the following items, in which I'm auctioned.

The person who wins this auction will get one year to add and modify the 468×60 portion of my signature. The 5 lines are essentially ways to allow you to follow different ads if you want to be creative (different variants of 468×60 display ads, text ads, etc.), and the maximum number of 10 ads per line. you can use to track a set of individual ads in my signature, such as text ads or different banner images for different line items.

I will also give instructions on how to set up an ordered and ordered text ad like the one I formatted for my signature, if that format is desired.

The auction starts now and ends on the 30th of the month.

Conditions of submission and information:
Starting offer: $ 25 USD
Minimum bid increment: 1 USD
Maximum bid increment: $ 25 USD
Auction end date and time: November 28 at 21:00 Eastern Time (-5 GMT)