5.1 lollipop – Move App Data from SD Card to Internal Storage

TL;DR: Some apps have a little data on the SD and I want to move it to internal in case the apps actually need it. My intent is to use the SD for something else. However, I can’t figure out how to move the data to internal.

I have gone into Application Manager and there is a list of apps (it doesn’t just list all apps) with data on the SD card. Most say 0.00B but a few say 32.00KB (and it is one or the other, there are no other sizes). I tap on them to access the available options and all I see is “move to SD”. I can’t find any option to move data in the opposite direction. All of the apps are mostly on internal storage and I am aware from reading other threads that apps can store data in both places at the same time. I have tried searching both on this site and via Google (and Bing). Unless I put quotes around my entire search, the engines find some way to coerce my question into the opposite of what I want. With the quotes, Google gave me two Reddit posts (that is all); neither of which had a solution as far as I can tell.

Main Questions: Is it possible to move the data apps have stored on the SD card to internal storage? If so, how do I do it?

Side Questions: Why are some apps included on the list but with 0.00B? Does that mean the app has an empty folder on the SD card? Or are there files and I am not supposed to see; so it tells me 0.00B? For the apps with 32.00KB, is that just some standard placeholder/empty file or is there a chance the data is actually needed by the apps?