5 usual website blunders revealed by content audits – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Content auditing is an essential aspect of content services. Without this audit, you can not create an effective strategy, because before uploading content, you need to know what kind of content you have, what is missing in the content, and what is exactly too much in the content.

I went through a lot of content and found something special for my readers. So, I will tell you here the 5 website errors revealed by the content audit:

1. No clear ACT:

This is a kind of common mistake that I have found in many web site designers or content creators. When you get a visitor what you want him to do next, obviously to buy your service or product, but what will happen if he does not get it easily? You will lose your potential customer.

For that, you should have a very visible CTA button with attractive text.

2 Content ignoring important fundamentals:

There are three important perspectives for perfect content: consideration, notoriety, purchase or retention, and it is always advisable to write content that meets these basic principles.

However, I especially noticed that the content did not take into account considerations, notoriety, retention and focused solely on the purchase, which in the end was simply a mess because a such content request type of purchase does not please customers.

3 Do not use the testimonies effectively:

Testimonials are such a powerful tool to catch the attention of your customers, although the audit of the contents of this one has disappointed me.

I never advise people to create a testimonial page; Instead, I recommend that they link the testimony with the service. For example, if you have a quick delivery page, attach the corresponding testimonial to this page.

4 No price related content:

I found that many of my clients did not prefer to mention the price on their website. The reason may be something, personalized prices at competitive prices, but that should not happen.

Always include pricing in the content as this qualifies the prospect. If a customer knows that you are pricing and still want to join, you can call it a qualitative advantage.

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5 Bad site architecture and internal links:

How is your content as important as your content? Well organized content is a pleasant reading, easy to find on search engines and also receives good rankings.

Internal is also an element worthy of the content not to be neglected. Before creating a link, you need to know where and what to link, as this can make or break your SEO.


These are some of the savior errors that I have found in countless digital content and these mistakes can cost you a lot. We should be in contact with a good SEO company by guiding them to write the results-oriented content.

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