5th dnd – Balance problems for a custom wizard variant

I've recently started reading Terry Brooks' Shanarra books, and this has led me to think about how the concept of wishsong could translate into a system like D & D. My idea (very) approximate is at this moment a subclass of wizard who can learn spells of any school or class provided that this spell uses only verbal components.

I found a very good tool on a site that allows me to filter for a list of all only verbal spells. In terms of levels, the list looks pretty well distributed and shows a decent mix of combat and non-combat spells. That said, I do not have an encyclopedic knowledge of D & D spells and my experiences with the wizarding class are limited.

Would these spells be seriously unbalanced when they would be combined with the class characteristics of a wizard? To be clear, as a whole, this list will probably still be too limited and will require the addition of additional spells to complete it later. My main concern is to identify any outliers before I start making any other changes.

Cantrips: Lure of Lightning, Sword Explosion, Thaumaturgy, Vicious Mockery
Level 1: Cause of fear, command, forced duel, dissonant whisperings, thirsty strike, fairy fire, hail of thorns, word healer, hunter's mark, burning punishment, thunder chastisement, angry retribution, Zephyr's strike
Level 2: Blindness / Blindness, Blur, Brite Mark, Terrestrial Link, Terror, Hitting, Misty Step,
Prayer of healing, protective wind
Level 3 Aura of vitality, blind glare, crusader coat, collective healing word, Thunder Step
Level 4: Aura of Life, Aura of Purity, Dimension Door, Guardian of the Faith, Guardian of Nature, Stunning Strikes
Level 5: Ban punishment, the circle of power, another plane of contact, a destructive wave, a step away, Geas, Immolation
Level 6: Irresistible Dance of Otto, Scatter, Word of Recall
Level 7: Divine Word, Power Word Pain, Teleportation,
Level 8: Glibness, Power Word Stun
Level 9Kill the word power, stop the time, wish