5th dnd – Becoming a ghoul would it be a viable option to prevent a devil from getting your soul to his death?

My character promised the devil his soul at his death. She was young and stupid, do not judge her. I spoke to my general manager and we came to the conclusion that resurrection, true resurrection and resurrect would not work on her, for her soul would be well disposed, but not free.

My character has a very specific purpose in life and an untimely death would be very embarrassing. Therefore, she was looking for ways to deceive death and stay in the material plane as long as necessary, with or without intact soul.

First, my character has investigated the lichdom, but she is not smart enough for such a business and, in addition, becoming lich is quite difficult. Then she studied vampires. But to become a vampire, you must be killed by a vampire and then raise yourself as a vampire. That would be bad, because the vampire spawn is indebted to the vampire. Eventually, my character investigated the ghouls and came across cannibalism and other unpleasant things.

But as it seemed like the only viable option (at least for her), my character started eating dead some time ago. Usually she cooks them and adds spices and vegetables because the raw meat is raw. (Congratulations for mastering kitchen tools!).

Now, I have a few questions. Since all these questions are closely related, I will ask them here instead of dividing them into several questions. If rpg.stackexchange people do not wish to take such measures, let me know and I will separate them.

Eating people is a viable method to ensure the rise as a ghoul to death, and would we say that ghoul keeps his soul? If not, would the consciousness of the individual live as a ghoul, even without a soul?