5th dnd – Can a Blade Pact Warlock use the correct magical weapon of the existing pact so that it functions as a "return" weapon?

In Pathfinder, a thrown weapon could acquire the special ability of Return. The weapon could be launched, then flown in the air until the creature that launched it.

Can a warlock with the "Pact of the Blade" function create an effect similar to Return? I believe the following steps are in the rules:

  1. The Warlock Acquires a Magic Weapon, a +1 Spear
  2. Warlock uses "Pact of the Blade" and turns the magic weapon into his pact weapon. It takes an hour.
  3. Warlock rejects the weapon, "maneuvering it into an extradimensional space." No action needed.
  4. Flying monster appears forty feet above the head. Out of range mingled, but not out of spear scope of the pact.
  5. The warlock casts a spear and hits a monster. Lance stuck in the monster. It takes an action.
  6. The warlock rejects the spear. No action needed.
  7. The warlock "creates his pact weapon" and the +1 roll appears in the warlock's hand. It takes an action.

Repeat steps 5-8 until the monster flies off or one of the fighters dies.

If all the above is correct, is the duration of each step correct?

As I explained here, the warlock must basically take an action to retrieve his weapon. the Return The special ability in Pathfinder recovers the item without losing that action. Is it correct?