5th dnd – Can Bardic Inspiration be used on a roll replaced by Porter?

Bardic Inspiration is used to stimulate the activity of a PC now:

Once within 10 minutes, the creature can roll the die and add the resulting number to a capacity check, an attack roll, or a save roll.

The divination wizard's control function (PHB, 116) is used to replace a throw made by the value initially obtained:

You can replace any jet attack, save throw or ability check made by you or a creature that you can see with any of these predictive throws. You must choose to do it before the throw, and you can only replace a throw in this manner once per turn.

Since port is not a save throw, an attack roll or a capacity check, and that there is no roll when carry is applied, they can not be affected by Bardic Inspiration.

However, this can be authorized by the SM if he wishes.