5th dnd – Can you enchant the Gauntlets with the Magic Weapon spell or the Mystic Psy-Pen discipline?

No. Or at least, even if you can, it does not do what you want.

Note that there are no rules for the Gauntlets, so it belongs to your DM if the Gauntlets are weapons or they benefit your unarmed attacks in one way or from another.

If gauntlets are weapons, then yes, you can use a magic weapon or a psionic weapon with them. But if they are weapons, you will not use them to make unarmed strikes.

Alternatively, if the gauntlets are not weapons and they simply benefit from your bare – handed strike, you can not use any magic weapon or psionic weapon anyway.

It should also be noted that if your deputy minister does not consider gauntlets as weapons and do not let them take advantage of your unarmed strikes, you can still use them as improvised weapons, by RAW. In this case, they could not benefit from magic weapon or psionic weapon, and you could not use them with unarmed keystrokes.

Finally, if you can get your hands on a demonic armor (this credit goes to LinoFrankCiaralli), you will still not be able to use a magic weapon or a psionic weapon, the unarmed strikes made with the gauntlets count as magic, benefit a +1 bonus and deal 1d8 points of damage instead of 1.