5th dnd – How much would it cost to hire a team of dwarves to build a house in the mountains?

We must first determine how much we need to dig. To reduce costs, let's say that every person needs the same amount of space as an average person in Hong Kong; 161 square feet. Let's also say (for ease of calculation) that you have a height of 10 feet and that the companion of the beast occupies as much space as any other. This means that our (fairly small house) needs $ 161 times 10 times 5 = 8050 $ cubic feet carved.

From the answer to this question, we get well-equipped dwarves to extract 70 to 35 cubic feet per hour, depending on the hardness of the stone. If we assume that the hard stone (better structural stability and accounting structures (such as rooms, stairs, etc.) they have to manufacture), our little house needs 8050 $ / 35 = 230 $ working hours of the dwarves to search.

The services table on page 159 of the Player's manual indicates the salary of a skilled worker to 2 gold per day, and assuming 8 hours of work a day, the cost of excavating the house becomes $ 2 times230 / 8 = 57.5 about 58 $ gold.

Now, you may want to have more space than this, and maybe the dwarves in your world will have higher rates or be unionized and work only 6 hours a day. The general equation takes the form:
mathrm {cost = frac {salary} {workday} times frac { text {space per person} times text {height} times text {number of people}} { text {rate excavations}}}

You (or your deputy minister) may also want to take into account the smoothing of the walls, etc., which could reasonably be considered a doubling of the amount of work (or a halving of the rate of change). excavation).
You will also need to pay for the furniture, etc., which will be difficult to count and will probably depend on your standard. See the tables in Chapter 5 of the Player's manual especially adventure and trading equipment.

That should be self-evident, but your deputy minister is perfectly entitled to set a higher cost. Some concerns are not addressed here and the last word goes to your SM.

The closest I can find in books to do something like that comes from Build a fortress in the DMG (p.128) which places a town hall or a trading post at 5,000 in and 60 days. It's hard to say exactly how this translates to carving a house in a cliff, but 2,000 in and 30 days could be a good guess for a decent size home. (Cost and time are not linear in the table.)