5th dnd – If a wizard casts the banishing spell on a PC while it was in Avernus, will the PC go back to its original plane?

Yes, but there is a warning

d & # 39; First banishment requires a saving throw of charisma to which party members must fail, but with enough time / number of spells, this would not be a problem, but would be a disadvantage.

Given the failures and nothing to stop the spell prematurely, they will be sent to their original aircraft, in accordance with the relevant, with the exception of the fate:

If the target is native to an existence plan different from the one you are on, the target is banned with a slight popping sound and returns to its original aircraft. If the spell ends after one minute, the target reappears in the space it left or in the nearest unoccupied space, if that space is occupied. Otherwise, the target does not return.

however banishment indicates where on the target the target appears, leaving the choice to the DM. Most of the time (ie the normal launches of this spell on demons, elementals, etc.), this location does not matter, but with a PC, that's 39 is true. So you can decide, preferably before the spell is cast (unless you like to be mean and punishing your players), that they find themselves in different and random places on this plane without knowing where they are or others. The use of this decision will replace their current problem of blocking Avernus, with the blocking problem on random locations on the Material plane (assuming they come from there). This last problem will be hard for all non-spammers and those who do not have access to teleporation and / or divination spells to find others.