5th dnd – Is a frog smart enough to give telepathic orders?

A wizard from my party threw a polymorph on an opponent having control of a shield guardian. The wizard turned them into a frog before it was their turn to act. Can this opponent still send telepathic commands to the Shield Guardian? According to the MM, the main goal of the guardian is "… to protect the wearer of the amulet". The opponent has not had the opportunity to issue a more specific order than this general indication. The Shield Guardian "… includes commands given in all languages ​​but
can not speak. "A frog does not speak languages ​​and has an intelligence of 1.

Relevant points on the polymorph:

  • The target's game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the chosen beast. He keeps his alignment and his personality.
  • The creature is limited in its actions by the nature of its new form and can not speak, cast spells or perform any other action requiring hands or speech.
  • The gear of the target blends into the new form. The creature can not activate, use, use, or benefit from any of its equipment.

Thus, the amulet of control is not accessible to anybody, but a frog with an order of 1 INT to a guard of the shield can do it by telepathy. no matter what? The party has antecedents with this opponent, so the frog would hate them (personality unchanged), but is he smart enough to order the Guardian to attack or would the Guardian simply resort to frog protection?
(secondary question: or, in this form, does the frog opponent "receive any of his equipment?" Then, the Guardian of the Shield would do nothing?)

We only had one round of combat and we need to pick it up again at the next session. During this round, the frog has won a check from the grappling hook to avoid any interception, and the Shield Keeper has picked it up, moved away and holds it in a protective manner in his robot hands. It seemed like the first reasonable step for an INT 7 Shield Guardian who saw his master change. I do not know which decision makes the most sense right here.