5th dnd – Is the fate radius of the Spirit Guardians dependent on the caster's size?

Spirit Guardians has a range of self and the area of ​​effect is described:

They fly around you at a distance of 15 feet for the duration.

A distance of 15 feet is the same range that you could reach if you have a 15-foot range or a remote weapon with a range of 15 feet. Unless you are using the rule-facing variant, you are expected to have that range in all directions from all the boxes you occupy.

Therefore, the area of ​​effect of Spirit Guardians is the range of 15 feet range of the launcher. Assuming the launcher is small or medium, it is slightly larger than a 15-foot radius because it adds the square in which it stands. like a radius of 15 feet. For a larger or larger creature, the area is much larger.