5th dnd – Is this two-armed combat change balanced?

Combat with two weapons

  • When you engage in a two-weapon battle, launch all your attacks for that turn.
  • You can transfer up to 5 of any of your attack rolls out of hand to another attack roll before the damage is dealt, which may cause the damage to be lost. 39, reduced attack and attack an elevated attack.
  • You can draw or put away an extra weapon, provided it is one-handed.

Let's be clear: here is a comparison of the combat styles and the question arises just before the modified combat style.

I played in D & D for a few different characters and I noticed that with the melee types (at least those who have invested in it), fighting with two weapons is horribly mechanical, so that seriously affects the style and theme.

From the beginning (via RAW), two-armed fighters who have already adopted the fighting style: the two-armed combat must use their action or invest in the exploit Duel Wielder in order to be able to fire their two weapons in a tower. The rules for drawing weapons are on page 193, under Using an Object and the Combat Style, on pages 72 and 91, all in the Player's Handbook.

This results in the need for an optional rule to use your fighting style at the beginning of each fight, which you will not have for the first 4 levels of your character, ignoring the human and human rule variants. possible basic rules. By the time you can solve this problem, other well-honed classes, with the exception of Thief, can emulate the number of your previous attacks at an extremely low cost.

Needless to say, this gives the impression of being horrible because there are so many hoops to get one (1) extra attack and nothing more: /.