5th dnd – Would Soul Cage prevent the transfer of the soul into a clone?

The wording on the cage of the soul says:

This spell captures the soul of a humanoid while it dies …

And after that, we know that the soul exists in a jewel for 8 hours or until the interactions are used.

The wording on the clone says:

At any time after the clone, if the original creature dies,
his soul is transferred to the clone, provided that the soul is free and
ready to come back.

My question then is whether Soul Cage would steal Clone's trigger because the creature was already dead and thus prevent the soul from traveling to the clone, or would the soul go to the clone after the spell of Soul Cage has dissipated?

Little technicality, I know, but there is a difference between:

if the original creature dies


if the original creature is dead

Of course, we should also ask if Soul Cage would work even to start?