6.0 Marshmallow – A seemingly non-integrated Google app on an Android phone

I accidentally joined the beta program for the Google search app on Android, in order to quit the program, I had to uninstall the application and reinstall it. When I did that, everything seemed to work well. But now, when I open my Google assistant by holding down the home button, the Google app will show up instead of the Google wizard. So, I went to the settings of my device and tried to change the application for assistant. It was set to Google as it was before and as it should be. I do remember though that my phone (a Samsung Galaxy S5) came with the preinstalled Google assistant. So I searched for it on Google Play and found it uninstalled. So I installed it. When it opened, he was informed that my device was not compatible and that I had to run a Google 6.0 or higher application, well, after checking, I found that I was under 9.66 and that everything should be fine

I do not know how a simple reinstallation would have broken my Google assistant so badly.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S5 under Android 6.0