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1. Introduction

GG Global Blockchain Asset Exchange (Global Gravitation Bitcoin, hereinafter referred to as GGBTC).

Gravitation, irresistible force of the world, Newton found the gravitation because of the fall of the apple. The apple fell, causing the Chinese name of GGBTC – – 链 资产 交易所 交易所, representing the irreversible trend of digitizing global assets.

GGBTC is a global integrated trading platform that provides diversified system functions such as currency trading, futures, margin trading and over-the-counter trading to meet the needs of various investors.

The GGBTC trading system has a comprehensive security mechanism and a solid underlying architecture that provides investors with the ultimate trading experience.

GGBTC will provide a complete platform client, including a web browser, an Android and iOS device, an H5 mobile browser, a PC client, and so on. to meet the needs of different end users.

2. Domestic and foreign architecture of society

Global Linking, GGBTC Fund and GGBTC Investor Service will effectively link the market depth of other stock exchanges around the world, blockchain startups and targeted investment institutions to provide a richer and richer business model for GGBTC Exchange.

GGBTC Global Blockchain Asset Exchange, officially launched in July 2018, registered in the Cayman Islands.

Global Linking, a Cayman Islands-based financial services company, serves global blockchain companies, providing operations, markets, finance, compliance, and other services to global stock exchanges.

GGBTC Fund, a Singapore-based global investment management company, invests in globally competitive companies to provide ITC financing, pricing and market value management services.

GGBTC Investor Service addresses institutional investors and allows stock exchanges to quantify their transactions, such as: US Bridge Water Pools, UK 3i Group, Buffett Funds, Soros Quantum Funds, Softbank Group Vision Funds and other investment funds. Investment, and Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley, Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, Ant Financial and other investment funds.

3. Building the global community

The GGBTC Exchange has been running safely and regularly for 9 months. The global community has been perfectly synchronized with the development of the project, including: Telegram, Wechat, Inchat, Facebook, Twitter and Sina Weibo. The total number of fans exceeded 500,000; Exchange and the University of Houston in the United States have established a strategic partnership. Currently, opening and closing roadshows in the United States, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia are being launched successively, looking for quality projects to integrate ecology.

You can join us on our social media:

Website: https://www.ggbtc.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GGBTC_Official

Telegram: https://t.me/GGBTCOfficial