7.0 nougat – How to solve the problem of offline packages that do not download in Google Translate?

I'm having a problem with Google Translate and I'm downloading offline packages for all languages. I press the download button next to the language. The "Start Download" message appears and the indicator turns, but nothing happens and the language pack is not downloaded. L & # 39; app at permission to use storage.

My configuration: the latest version of Google Translate (v5.20.0.RC10.199570264), on a Xperia L1 with Android 7. I must point out that with previous versions, it worked before.

What I've tried

1) Clearing the cache and data from the app and from Google Play (also the

2) Uninstall and reinstall.

3) restart.

4) Uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall.

5) Moving the application to SD. Also the opposite.

6) Authorization check (everything is allowed).

7) All combinations of all the above.

I am about to try to reset the factory, but before going nuclear, I would like to try an alternative.

All tips / ideas are welcome!