7 – Add / assign the same five-star rating to the author when adding to the article with the help of rules

I need to get this feature only with rules or combinations with any other module.


The FiveStar field is associated with the item node type and another with the user profile.


When a user adds a note to the article, he must apply the same note to his author. The author's rating on his profile should be functional as a regular note, ie the user can receive multiple notes and an average is displayed.

I've tried with the rules below:

{"rules_author_rating": {
"LABEL": "Author rating",
"PLUGIN": "reaction rule",
"OWNER": "rules",
"REQUIRES" : [ "rules", "voting_rules" ],
"ON": {"Vote_rules_insert_node": [] }
"IF" : [
    { "node_is_of_type" : { "node" : [ "node" ], "type": {"value": {"article": "article"}}}}
"MAKE" : [
    { "data_set" : {
        "data" : [ "node:author:field-author-rating" ],
"value" : [ "node:field-node-rating" ]


But that records an error

Unable to change data "node: author: field-my-rating": invalid data value. Make sure it matches the type and format of data required. Value on the node (3) -> author-> field_author_rating: 80.`