7 – How to use the data seen with a paragraph?

I have a content type with a dynamic content block section. Each block section is managed by group of paragraphs.

Let's explain using an example to make more clear-

  1. The name of the content type is Used.
  2. A paragraph field is added in the type of content used. The name of the machine is field_body_contents
  3. All sets of paragraphs appear in the drop-down list and the administrator can select the set of paragraphs to add content to the employee.
  4. We have created the template for each group of paragraphs and these are perfectly rendered in the template file.

Now, there is a new case where we have to integrate view data with the field_body_contents drop-down menu so that the administrator can section views from the drop-down list to inject view data between sets of paragraphs.