8 – Changing the title of certain paragraphs in a form

Image 1

Photo 2

Please see the attached pictures. In one of my projects, I have a taxonomy, which users can edit and add data. It has several tabs (see picture one) and each tab has several fields in which paragraphs can be added (see picture two).

We have different types of paragraphs with each different titles. Our problem is that we want to show each paragraph to the end user (see the second image, the button "Meting (decimaal) toevoegen") with a title "meting" while keeping the titles more descriptive for administrators and users. developers.

One option is to change the title of the end user while retaining the actual title in the database. The other would change the actual title in the database and change it for administrators (by setting the system name as the title).

and i've tried all kinds of hooks but i can not understand this problem.