8 – How can I get an image form to keep the order of images after deleting one?

I have a content type with a field for the images. The field accepts several images and after having downloaded several, I rearrange them in the desired order. After rearranging them, I can enable "Show Line Weights" on the form to display the numerical weight behind the order. They are ranked from the lowest (-5 for example) to the highest. The lowest weight is at the top of the screen.

Now, here is where things get weird. If I delete an image from this set of images, all images are reorganized alphabetically in the form after the response has been returned from the Drupal back-up. The strange thing is, the line weight numbers are correct. It's the one who should to be at the top has the lowest number but visually it's do not at the top.

Is there a way to reload the images so that they are in the same order as the weight of their lines? Maybe with a little JavaScript after the fact?